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Financial planning


Payment acceptance solutions

Merchant Services
Foreign Exchange

Merchant Services

Stand-alone terminals

These can either be placed next to your till permanently or be fully portable, depending on your requirements. Enriched functionality, including Contactless, Cashback and eWallet, is available on all our stand-alone Speedpoint® devices.

Integrated solutions

FNB Merchant Services now offers a one-stop shop integrated payment solution, our very own 'Switch', with a range of best-of-breed integrated solutions for environments which require the integration of the payment acceptance device with your point-of-sale system.

Our solutions vary depending on the complexity of your environment so we can fulfil your specific needs, no matter the size or intricacy of your business. We also enable integration to numerous third-party payment providers.

eCommerce solution

We understand the importance of your customers' payment experience, which is why we enable efficient and secure online card payment acceptance. Our solution delivers a slick and smooth experience for your customers, and ensures 'real-time' payment approval to get your goods or services to your customers quickly. We also enable integration to numerous third-party service providers.

Foreign Exchange

What we have for you:

  • 40 different currencies to choose from
  • Hedge against exchange rate fluctuations
  • Offset outgoing payments against incoming payments


Why PayPal?

Benefit from the secure payments ecosystem that PayPal offers:

  • Has 184-million active customer accounts
  • Is active in 203 markets and countries
  • Fully supports 26 currencies
  • Keep international clients happy

When to use PayPal:

  • A customer sells goods or services online, for example via their own website, an online platform such as eBay or any other means, e.g. invoicing, money requests, subscriptions, and more.
  • A customer accepts online credit card payments from cross-border buyers and wants to reduce their repudiation risk.

Benefits and features of PayPal

  • Simplicity
    Faster and more convenient shopping experience as customers only have to enter their financial information once.
  • Security
    Advanced security features that protect both the buyer and the seller's financial information, reducing transactional risk and fraud.
  • Global payments
    It is an internationally accepted payment system.
  • Cost-effective
    Only pay for successful transactions and not for the setup or monthly fees of the PayPal account.
  • Easy integration
    Quick and simple to integrate as a payment method for both online and offline payments.
  • Immediate payment
    The transaction is immediate and the funds reflect in the PayPal account within minutes of the payment.

Note: PayPal for Business is only for cross-border transactions as ZAR is not a PayPal currency yet.

Get it through FNB Withdraw

What is the FNB Withdraw service?

It allows you to withdraw funds received into a PayPal account to your FNB or any other linked South African bank account.

Public Liability

Included benefits:

Liability covers visitors and guests
Guests'/visitors' vehicles per event - R500 000
Guests'/visitors' vehicle contents per event - R100 000
Guests'/visitors' effects per event - R100 000
Legal defence costs/wrongful arrest per event - R50 000, per annual period of insurance - R500 000
Products liability and food poisoning - consumption at premises

Optional cover:

Break out of wild animals
Relocation costs
European Community (EC) directive
Hunting liability
Trustees indemnity
Errors and omissions

Business interruption

Automatic cover:

Interruption following fire, buildings combined, GIT, theft, computer, accidental damage, money and glass
Loss of income - murder and/or suicide
Food and drink poisoning - on the premises or supplied by the premises
Loss arising from transit operations
Loss of specified tourist attraction (includes prevention of access)
Bomb evacuation
Loss of liquor license - legal costs and reduction in turnover
Bush fire/death of wild game

Optional cover:

Prevention of access - extended cover within 50km radius
Loss of specified tourist attraction (includes prevention of access)
Loss of use - levies
Cancellation of bookings - eg, sporting event, concert, conference or exhibition

Additional services available:

Machinery breakdown
Deterioration of stock

Access your money quickly

This accounts is suited to businesses that require quick access to their savings, while still having the flexibility to add money at any time.

Money on Call

Get instant access to your money in case of emergencies or unexpected expenses.

Access your money after placing notice:

48 Hour Cash Accelerator

Earn a great rate while getting quick access to your investment.

7 Day Notice

Access your money after seven days' notice.

32 Day Flexi Notice

Access your money after 32 days' notice, at no cost or sooner at a cost.

Access after a fixed period

These accounts are suited to businesses that only require access to their investment after a fixed period.

Fixed Deposit

An investment account with a fixed term, typically giving you a higher interest rate than investments available overnight or with notice.

7 Day Notice

Access your money after seven days' notice.

Flexi Fixed Deposit

An investment with a fixed term, with the option of accessing a portion of your savings after 24 hours.

Business loan

Helps you manage your cash flow and finance expenses, and allows accessibility to funds for unexpected expenses.

What you need to know:

  1. Fixed monthly repayments - Allows you to budget effectively, as your repayment remains fixed for 48 months.
  2. Access to funds - Pay 15% of your loan amount and withdraw up to the original amount without reapplying.
  3. Apply online - Conveniently apply online - anywhere, anytime.

Commercial Property Finance

Acquire the premises you trade from or expand your investment portfolio with commercial property.

  • We offer customised finance solutions to help your tourism business grow.
  • We continuously evolve and improve our commercial property product offering to serve the tourism sector better.
  • We offer you loan repayment terms structured around your cash flow and provide you with loan terms of up to 10 years.
  • We have CPF representatives in all the major regional business centres to provide you with the highest level of professional support and service.

Asset-based Finance

Our Asset-based Finance costs are customised to your tourism business' specific financial and growth needs.

  • We'll customise a vehicle fleet solution that's just right for your business' passenger or commercial fleet.
  • Furniture, fitting and equipment.


Whether you are promoting local landmarks or global destinations, FNB will provide your tourism business with innovative products and solutions.

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Payment acceptance solutions

Accept payments easily and securely

Our payment acceptance solutions allow you to accept card and cash payments in local and foreign currencies.

Insurance solutions

Solutions tailored to your business


At FNB Insurance Brokers, we understand the risks that your tourism business faces, from public and personal liability to avoiding business interruption by keeping your doors open after theft or an unforeseen accident. That's why we conduct a needs analysis of your business before tailoring our short-term insurance products to suit your tourism business' specific insurance needs.

Our hospitality short-term insurance product is designed to offer asset protection and short-term insurance risk management solutions to all the many segments within the hospitality industry. Your tourism business' specific risk profile will help us to tailor the cover you need to protect your business against any eventuality.


Investment solutions

Save and invest for the things that count

Choose from a range of cash investment solutions that cater to your tourism business' multiple investment goals. These solutions offer instant or quick access, access after placing notice or access after a fixed term. Cash investments offer peace of mind, as there is no risk given that capital and quoted returns are 100% guaranteed.

Lending solutions

Grow, expand, acquire.

Whether you are looking to raise capital to inject into your tourism business for growth or expansion purposes, or looking to acquire assets or additional business opportunities, we have the right lending solution for your business.


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